The Patriots’ Run is an annual event held to commemorate

The Patriots’ Run is an annual event held to commemorate the tragic events of September 11th 2001. With this event we remember, not only those victims who were lost, but also those soldiers, police, firefighters and others who served this country both on that day and every day thereafter. In this way we honor all the people who work to insure that this tragedy never repeats itself.

This is a unique event designed by the committee, running community, sponsors and others. It is a 9 hour and 11 minute run/walk that begins at noon in the East parking lot of 24 Hour Fitness at 119th and Metcalf. Participants can be either solo or teams. You can join us at noon and stay the entire time or join us at any time during the event. You can run as many or as few laps (4/10 of mile each) as you want. Some people join us at the start, leave for a while and come back later. The flexibility is there to let you design your own event.

The event includes a blood drive to give folks yet another way to participate.

Last year we had a great event. About 100 people came out for the run, walk and blood donations. Weather dampened clothes, but not spirits. The runners and walkers kept moving and the volunteers moved under the tents and laughed and splashed. Two runners ran the entire 9 hours and 11 minutes. Another had to stop to go to class for a couple of hours, but came back and finished with her husband.

Over $5000 was raised for event last year. The community response was fantastic. Radio, TV and newspapers all got behind us and helped get the word out.

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